Booze Cruise

One of many changes that Prohibition brought to America was the “booze cruise,” “party cruise,” or “cruise to nowhere”–short boat trips that sailed beyond the three-mile territorial limit (now obsolete) where American law no longer applied. There, guests could indulge in alcohol to their hearts' content.

Suddenly popular, too, were short sailing trips to the Bahamas and Havana, where clubs and other drinking establishments sprang up to cater to thirsty Americans. Prior to 1920, the reason people took a cruise was to get across the ocean. By the early 1920s, cruising had taken on a different connotation. Historians believe these pleasure cruises were the beginning of a new industry–the vacation cruise industry.

You can take your own "Booze Cruise" to locations that sell our soap or come see us in person and say hi at craft shows, festivals, and eventswe will be attending.

Where to find our soaps in your area...

Festivals, Craft Shows, and Events we will be attending during 2019 (This list will grow, so check back often)

  • November 22nd from 5-9 PM & 23rd from 9-4 - Beaufort Academy Arts & Crafts Show - 240 Sams Point Rd, Ladys Island, SC
  • November 29th - Fripp Island Arts & Crafts Show - Fripp Island, SC (This is not a public event - for guests and residents only)
  • December 14 from Noon to 5:00 PM - Holy City Brewing Arts & Crafts Festival - 1021 Aragon Ave, Charleston, SC